Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will be new for Measure of Music 2023?

The third annual Measure of Music will still have everything from last time including panel talks, keynote speakers, startup pitches, networking events, career fair and of course the music data hackathon/workshop!

COVID & Sponsors permitting, we will be exploring the opportunity for project participants to meet in person to work on their projects. More information will be available on that in early January.

Find out about last year's event at

If I sign up as a spectator, can I still participate in the hackathon/workshop?

Of course! In fact, if you sign up as a spectator, you'll be the first to know when you can sign up to participate in the projects. When you sign up to participate in the project, we'll just convert your spectator ticket to a participant ticket instead.

What are some ways I can be involved other than being a spectator or project participant?

Applications for speakers have closed. We are still accepting sponsors. You can inquire via email.

You can be involved as an individual contributor as a weekend mentor, weekend staff, or hackathon/project judge.

You can be involved as a company by providing hackathon data/access/prizes, participating in the startup pitch, providing an offer to the startups that pitch, having a virtual booth at the career fair.

New this year, you can be involved in the career fair as an artist (or part of an artist's team), to seek team members for permanent, part time, contract or project opportunities.

You can view the Involvement Guide to understand more about the ways to be involved.

You can apply below:

Why should I sponsor, mentor or judge this event?

The goal of this program is to increase the visibility of data in music, increase the accessibility of tech for minorities, and help build confidence and exposure for those looking to get into this space. If you're as passionate about these things as we are, then we hope that's enough!

But on top of that, we hope that it will also give you fresh talent to consider, more usage of your API to continue to grow & improve your platform, the potential to have a business question looked at with a fresh set of eyes, and of course, just the ability to help people that I'm are as passionate about music & tech as you!

Will any/all parts of this program be recorded?

We will work to get approval to record as many of the speakers as we can but we cannot guarantee all speakers will authorize us to do so, so it's best to try to attend live. All project presentations will be recorded and available for re-watch.

What's the deal with Slack? Can I chat with other attendees?

There will be two Slack workspaces this year. One made for participants & contributors only for the weekend only and the other existing community Workspace. If you're in both workspaces, you'll see one has a "2023" in the icon to indicate it's for the weekend only and "Community" in the icon for the permanent Community Workspace.

Due to the complexity of the weekend, it is unlikely that the Measure of Music team will be able to respond to logistical questions asked in the Community Slack Workspace during the conference weekend but you're welcome to chat with one another and feedback on the event public or privately. There will be a dedicated #conference2023 channel just for that.

Judges, in order to maintain impartiality, are not allowed in Project Workspace and we ask participants and judges to refrain from interacting with one another in the Community Workspace (or anywhere else) until the event concludes.

At the end of the weekend, the Project 2023 Workspace will be archived but everyone is still free to discuss & stay in the Community Workspace.

What are the networking opportunities? How will they work?

All the networking will take place on Run The World. All signed up before February 23 will receive an invite automatically. All others will be able to register themselves (spaces may be limited).

For the career fair, sponsor booths & informational sessions, you can pop in and out for the duration of the 2 hours (some booths/people are limited to only the 1st hour). The rooms max out at 15 people so once you feel like you’ve gotten the info you need please move on so others can join.

Participants exclusively have access to sponsor booths, career fair tables & informational booths for the first 30 minutes of networking.

Career Fair
The career fair will be an opportunity to talk with companies looking to hire for various roles. On the Measure of Music conference page you can see what type of roles they’re hiring for categories including tech, non tech, remote, entry level & more. The only roles companies are allowed to discuss are paid roles. The presenters at the booth will answer your questions about various roles, about life at the company and may present more details about the company. They’ll also provide you a means to reach out & follow up with them. Please read the info provided about the company on the conference site before joining to avoid asking redundant questions.

Startup Pitches
This happens in the final hour of the networking time and will showcase entertainment startups. They will have 5 minutes to pitch, followed by audience Q&A.; They may be looking for co-founders, funding, advisors & more. They’ll let you know how to best contact them at the end of their presentation to discuss additional opportunities.

Informational Booths
This is an opportunity to talk to people that have interesting roles in music & tech. The info booths will be staffed by mentors & speakers for Measure of Music. This is not a time to ask for a job. Only the career fair booths are appropriate for that. Use the info session booths as a mini informational interview to ask about their roles, how they got to where they are, what their day to day is like or to follow up on an interesting topic they discussed on their panel/talk if they’re a speaker. Please read the bios of those at the info booths before joining to avoid asking redundant questions.

Sponsor Booth
Sponsor booths are an opportunity to learn more about the companies that sponsored Measure of Music. This is a chance to learn more about their platforms & APIs and how they could help you in your work/business.

Speed Networking
These are quick 5 minute chats with anyone attending the conference be it participants, speakers, judges & more. You’ll be automatically paired off!

After Party
After all your hard work, you can use this opportunity to blow off some steam. It'll be late for many so we get if you don't want to hang out but we hope you stop by for a bit to celebrate! Your options are speed networking to meet anyone & everyone involved or discussion tables. One discussion session is for participants only and one is for everyone. Participants are free to join whichever they prefer.

I forgot to add something to my schedule or there's something new I want to check out, how do I add it?

You can always add it by going to the schedule page. If you are a participant, make sure to select "Participant" in the "Filter by Category" section to see the sessions relevant to you. As a participant, always add only the talks marked [Participant].

I have more questions...

Happy to answer them! Email us at [email protected].

If you have participant/project specific questions, you can check out the dedicated FAQs page.