Ananya Jain

K-Pop Global Strategist & Marketer

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Ananya Jain is a strategy and marketing professional in the K-Pop industry. Ananya is Indian by blood, born and raised in Dubai, educated in New York City, and is currently shaking up the Korean Music industry in Seoul. Her multicultural upbringing has fueled her passion for shattering borders and connecting people through music. Whether developing international tours for a K-Pop group or sharing music from other countries with her friends, Ananya has always been passionate about fostering relationships through music. Ananya’s background working in politics and broadcasting has given her the skills to communicate effectively regardless of a person’s background. While Ananya was always aware of K-Pop growing up, her interest in the industry spiked as companies like HYBE, SM and JYP started taking an international approach to their business. To achieve her dream of working in the K-Pop industry, Ananya learned business-level Korean in 8 months, networked, and sent 100s of emails. Eventually, she secured a role in handling overseas marketing and strategy for a male idol group. Ananya makes a conscious effort to ensure that K-Pop industry professionals are aware of their international stakeholders, the power these stakeholders possess, and vice versa. From content creation, translations, and even fan service, Ananya ensures to weave in the interests of overseas K-Pop fans. In the future, Ananya hopes to keep working and foster innovation in Korea’s music industry.

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February 26, 2023, 05:10 PM
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