Lauren Kreisler

Head of Brand & Digital, Official Charts

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Lauren is Head of Brand & Digital at the Official Charts Company, London.

A marketing career spanning almost two decades, her journey began amid the rise of Myspace, emo and a new generation of chart-topping British guitar bands. During that time, Lauren managed music and film magazine brands Kerrang!, Q, MOJO and Empire at their peak circulation, before joining News UK to work on the digital transformation of The Sunday Times.

In 2011 an irresistible opportunity came along to rebrand the institution that is the UK’s Official Charts. Reimagining a b2b data business as a consumer brand, over the past decade Lauren has overhauled the communications strategy of the Official Charts.

From birthing the now-iconic Number 1 Award, to creating a new digital publishing arm of the business, editorial platform, video content, playlists and live events. Add in the introduction of new weekly charts for Vinyl, Afrobeats, Americana, Trending tracks, and a Record Breaker scheme – there’s now more ways to engage with the UK charts, and for artists’ achievements to be amplified, than ever before.

2022 celebrated 70 years of the Singles Chart, and with a new brand identity and revamped digital platform due to land in the coming months, 2023 is set to be yet another huge year for the UK’s Official Charts.

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February 25, 2023, 06:00 PM
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