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Offstage brings together data from ticketing, streaming, social media platforms and more into one place and makes it easy to analyse to help creators know their fans better than ever. Simply type a question like “which of my fans in London bought merchandise from me?” and get an answer instantly with the help of AI.

Our mission is to help creators of all sizes grow their careers by utilising the data they already own. No spreadsheets, no data exports, no database queries - just actionable insights.

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Measure of Music Early Networking: Startup Pitches, Career Fair, Speed Networking & More

February 25, 2023, 10:00 AM
Black Lives in Music [Career Fair & Sponsor Booth] Offstage [Startup] makromusic [Startup] Measurevent [Startup] SoundCloud [Career Fair & Sponsor Booth] Your Music Marketing [Startup] Lex on the Decks [Artist] Groover [Startup] Audiense [Career Fair & Sponsor Booth]