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The phrase "ticket count" is a known trigger for anyone working in live music. For the uninitiated, you may be surprised to learn that industry-wide, professionals are spending thousands of hours a week emailing, calling, and chasing down each other for something as simple yet critical as knowing how many tickets are sold across a tour. Enter RealCount: a B2B SaaS data aggregator and analytics platform for the live music industry, focused on the most important data in live: tickets sold. RealCount automates data collection from ticketing platforms and distributes information across the key stakeholders in live music (historically a manual process), creating an environment for daily analysis and insights that aren't otherwise available. Our Brooklyn-based company has deep industry experience, and has bootstrapped its way to serving booking teams that collectively represent over 1500 artists. RealCount saves our users time, increases their access to actionable insights, and ultimately empowers them to provide better experiences for artists and their fans. Now, we are seeking funding to meet demand for our next customer verticals, including promoters, venue operators, and self-repped artists. We strongly believe that ticketing and the trends within comprise the last major untapped dataset of the traditional music industry, and are thrilled to be at the forefront of creating a centralized platform that not only solves access to this data, but facilitates future suites of tools to be built on top of it.

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February 25, 2023, 10:00 PM
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