Tommaso Rocchi

Intro to Data Visualisation Using Google Data Studio [Rebroadcast]

A Talk by Tommaso Rocchi [Speaker][Mentor] (Business Analyst & Data Visualization Expert)

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NOTE: This is a rebroadcast from last year, however; the speaker Tommaso is available in this stream chat for questions and also online for participants throughout the weekend as a mentor.


Data is cool, but have you ever tried to visualize it? There's nothing worse than spending weeks in a detailed report than discovering that your presentation isn't delivering all your insights to your audience. In this talk, with the help of Google Data Studio, you'll learn some basic principles of information design, pointing out some of the most common errors to avoid, and highlighting some best practices to make your charts and dashboards really stand out!

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February 24, 2023, 08:50 PM

Stage 2

08:50 PM - 09:35 PM

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Tommaso Rocchi

Tommaso Rocchi [Speaker][Mentor]

Business Analyst & Data Visualization Expert