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February 24, 2023, 09:35 PM

09:35 PM - 09:55 PM

About The Speakers

Measure of Music

Measure of Music

Measure of Music

Jeff Tang

Jeff Tang [Mentor]

Manager, Strategic Analytics, Universal Music Group

Frank Woodworth

Frank Woodworth [Mentor]

Consultant, Glacial Concepts

Raj Gopal

Raj Gopal [Mentor]

Co-Founder / Principal, Vesper Company

Leonard Novati

Leonard Novati [Mentor]

Founder, AfroCharts

Jonathan Schlosser

Jonathan Schlosser [Mentor]

Senior Data Scientist, Nielsen

Zarrin Alam

Zarrin Alam [Mentor]

Streaming Strategy & Marketing, Sony Music

Tommaso Rocchi

Tommaso Rocchi [Speaker][Mentor]

Business Analyst & Data Visualization Expert

Clara Rescala

Clara Rescala [Mentor]

Label Manager, bitbird

Nadia Says

Nadia Says [Mentor]

Founder & Curator, Your Mom's Agency

Steph Belcher

Steph Belcher [Mentor]

Owner, Steph Belcher Business Management, LLC

Chene Castrodale

Chene Castrodale [Mentor]

Artist Manager, LIB MGMT

Jeremiah Gogo

Jeremiah Gogo [Mentor]

Head of Data & A&R Analytics, Atlantic Records UK

Andaç Işık

Andaç Işık [Mentor]

Digital Accounts Executive, Universal Music Group

Mike Warner

Mike Warner [Mentor]

Head of Editorial Marketing Partnerships, Believe, Author, Work Hard Playlist Hard

Annabeth Owusu

Annabeth Owusu [Volunteer]

UX Researcher, JustEat

Konstantinos Papakostas

Konstantinos Papakostas [Mentor]

Copyright Specialist, BMAT

Olivia Moreno

Olivia Moreno [Mentor]

Lead Operations Manager, BMAT

Amogh Matt

Amogh Matt [Mentor]

Product Owner, BMAT

Rik Dijkstra

Rik Dijkstra [Mentor]

Researcher, BMAT

Peter Gomez

Peter Gomez [Speaker][Mentor]

Full Stack Engineer, Chartmetric

Gertrude Westrin

Gertrude Westrin [Mentor]

Developer Advocate, Qlik

Rosie de la Mare

Rosie de la Mare [Mentor]

Consultant, Rosie de la Mare

Theresa Rapior

Theresa Rapior [Mentor]

Software Engineer, SoundCloud

Youssef Hassan

Youssef Hassan [Mentor]

Software Engineer, SoundCloud

Natalie Zyfers

Natalie Zyfers [Mentor]

Senior Analytics Engineer, SoundCloud

Aimée Tian

Aimée Tian

Senior Manager, Digital Advertising, The Orchard

Milica Cuckic

Milica Cuckic [Mentor]

USA Business Development Manager, BMAT

Pepe Verde

Pepe Verde [Mentor]

Director of Content Ops, Feed Media Group

Miriam Koch

Miriam Koch [Mentor]

Independent Contractor in Music / Entertainment, Copyright Clerk, Universal Music Group

Matias Brizuela

Matias Brizuela [Mentor]

Product Lead, Content., Yousician